Friday, June 7, 2013

Frugal Feats

It is the first Friday of the month. Woohoo! A whole month to save money, have fun, and live life. This is the day I list all my frugal accomplishments for the week. If you are interested in reading about other folk's frugal accomplishments pop in over at The Prudent Homemaker. She has a great group of followers that have many frugal tips and advice. 
1) Took Lil Bear to a free parade on Saturday.
2) Spent a afternoon at my sister's swimming pool.
3) Found a couple good deals at the grocery store. Cans of pork -n- beans for .33 each and Hot dogs for .59.
4) Took lunches to work four out of five days. One day my boss treated us to lunch.
5)Stayed home one day to conserve gas.
6) Used a 15% off of purchase coupon at Joann's Fabric for some craft supplies.
7) Only grabbed fast food one time this week.

How did you save money this week?


  1. We went to a parade too. I never thought about this as frugal entertainment, but you are right. I also packed lunches for 5 out of 6 family members each day. The biggest savings of all........I stayed out of the stores. I am really in the mood to shop. I better get out and enjoy Mother Nature instead. We have so many great parks around us. Endless frugal entertainment.

    1. When I get the shopping fever I peruse thrift stores, that way If I do buy something it won't break the bank. We have a lot of parks here also. They are like seven elevens. One on every block. Thanks for stopping by:)