Sunday, June 23, 2013

Frugal Feats

Here are my Frugal Feats for the week of June sixth. Took Lil Bubba to a festival/farmers market. I won a free bottle of Cascade Ice sparkling water, a little flag, a pack of crayons and coloring page, a straw, balloon, and a coupon for six free DVDs at a local pawn shop.

Staying home all day today to conserve on gas.

The only grocery shopping done this week was at a liquidators. I found a flat of blackberries for $1.99. I brought them home and put them on a cookie sheet in the freezer till frozen. Then I put them in a reused whipped topping container for easy dispensing into smoothies. I also found six two pound containers of strawberries for $6.99. That made them fifty eight cents per pound! Does anyone know a good recipe for strawberry syrup?

 I was treated to dinner by one of our vendors at work. We ate from my meal plan all week except once when I splurged and we ate out yesterday for lunch.

These are the blackberries I bought so cheaply. They are huge.

 Pop in over at The Prudent Homemaker to read about how other folks are saving money. She has a great group of followers that have many frugal tips and advice. 

How did you save this week?

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  1. Great tips! Would love to have you share it at our Ladies Only Blog Share link party - which has a summer theme this week! Visiting from Social Sunday! :)

  2. What a fun blog you have! I shall be a frequent visitor :)I love saving money and your great crafty tips!

  3. I love all your frugal finds and your can-do attitude!
    My week has been very frugal too....though I have to say it's not because of choice...but because we haven't landed jobs. :(
    Hope your week is Extraordinary!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that. Hears hoping to you finding one soon:) Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for sharing at the Friday Follow Along. We found a deal last week that was half off all of a Super Kmart's food because they were closing the food department. We got a ton of food for half of the price.

  6. What great tips! My family as gone completely organic and we have never went through so much produce in our lives! I started going to the grocery store around 11 am...right after department heads get there and before the crowds. This always helps me find bananas marked down to 29 cents a pound! I go everyday and they comment that I must be baking banana bread because of how many I buy but it is all just for snacks! We go through about 3 bunches a day between smoothies, snacks, and extras (baked oatmeal). I got 4 bags of bananas the other day for $3! SCORE!!

    1. Great deal on the bananas Heather! How do you make baked oatmeal with bananas? It sounds delicious.