Monday, July 22, 2013

A Very Berry Saturday

A maze of trees
Ice cream and berries
Country air
Running in a field of grass
Napping on the car ride home.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Frugal Feats

Here are my frugal feats for the week. To see how others are stretching their dollars, pop on over to The Prudent Homemaker. She has a great group of followers that have many frugal tips.

At the grocery store this week I picked up grapes .99 a pound, two dozen eggs for .79 a dozen (limit 2), chedder cheese 1.00 a pound (after in-store coupon), and cream cheese for .88 a pack.

In the mail I received a coffee sample for my Kurieg maker.

I used my carpet cleaner to clean the carpets in the dining room and living room. I used laundry soap and water for the solution.

We had a potluck and game night with family at our house. A inexpensive evening of fun. I even got to keep the leftovers!

One afternoon when the heat was unbearable we went swimming at my sister's house. Another morning we went to cool off at the spray park down the road from our house.

I used a gift card to purchase vanilla beans. I have been dying to make real vanilla extract.

Heaven and I carpooled to work one day to save time and money on gas. We also stayed home one day to conserve gas.

My sisters and I went to a community garage sale where I found six shirts, one pair of slacks, one skirt, one dress, and for Lil Bear a winter coat. All for ten dollars! Score! I needed clothes so badly.

This week I started using conditioner every other day instead of every day. My hair does not seem to notice and I will be able to stretch the bottle twice as long.

I used aloe from my plant on a burn I received while cooking dinner one night.

Sunday I cleaned and organized my pantry. I only tossed a couple of items. Now I can see what I have and use things up before they go stale or expire.

How was your week?
Did you save any money?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Simpler Time

Times are tough. They have been for a long time. Husbands are still losing jobs. Mothers are having to work part-time. It is more expensive to eat, to drive, to just live. People are losing hope.

Is there a way out of such a mess?
Yes, and it is not to spend our way out as some would like us to believe. The way out is to take inspiration from the past, from a simpler time. In order to move forward we must go back.

Back to a time of homegrown homemade meals, gently used clothing, line dried linens, walks around the block, front porch chats with neighbors, children catching fireflies, fixing things ourselves, and providing for our families without debt.

Many websites, blogs, and books abound that can teach us these forgotten arts. Read them. Enjoy them. Take that knowledge and apply it to your own life. You and your family will be much happier for it.

Learning from the past will help us all to improve our lives. Give us hope through these tough times, and help us all succeed in our journey through life. 

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