Thursday, July 4, 2013

An Evening to Remember

Monday afternoon I rounded up Heaven and Lil Bear and we headed to my sister's house. Upon arriving, we promptly jumped in her pool and stayed there for the next two hours. Once we were cooled off Lil Bear hopped into his red wagon and we walked around the property. The lovely berries are Salmon berries and were abundantly growing along part of the fence line. They were so delicious. I walked and pulled the wagon while Lil Bear munched on berries and enjoyed the ride. My sister also has huge Rose Hip bushes dividing her property from her neighbors. Now to find uses for them. Any ideas? After the sun went down we did some pre fourth of July party set-up. Lil Bear was a little hesitant to go under the canopy, but he finally found the nerve! My brother in law was tasked with cleaning up the yard. You can see his idea of pulling weeds... a blowtorch! All in all a very relaxing and fun evening with family.

Hoping you all a safe and Happy Forth!