Monday, July 15, 2013

Toy Bags

My sister bought Lil Bear a bag of dino toys and a bag of toy soldiers. He loves them.....but they are everywhere. When you step on them at night, in bare feet, in the dark because you know, it's night. Ouch! Then just in the nick of time to save my poor feet I read this post by Angela at Salt of the Earth Farm. Genius! A perfect way to corral all those little critters.

I used a dinosaur print I had left over from another project. I thought it would be fitting to use since I was going to store Lil Bears dino toys in it. I have some army fatigue material I will be using for his toy soldiers . Next time I'm at the thrift store I will be on the look out for either fabric or a sheet with a car print. This one will hold his little cars.

To make, I simply cut out a fourteen by fourteen piece of fabric. At  one end, fold over and sew, forming a tube. This is where your ribbon will be threaded through. Fold fabric in half , right sides together, and sew along bottom and side. Turn right side out and thread ribbon, yarn, or string through your opening at the top and tie off. There you have it. Fill with toys and enjoy! Your feet will thank you.


  1. Well done for getting out the sewing machine.

  2. Great, cute, and simple project. Man, I've not had my sewing maching out in QUITE a while. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. My machine had not seen the light of day in awhile before this project:)