Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Bucket List

Summers in the Northwest typically are non existent until after the Fourth of July. So, last week when the temperature reached 90 degrees I knew it was time to get my summer bucket list planned out and put into action.

1) Visit a sprayground . A lot of parks around here are replacing their community pools with spraygrounds. Visit here to learn more.

2) Walk through the hedge maze at the Berry Barn.

3) Spend the day picnicking and picking blueberries at Charlotte's Blueberry Park. This is an old Blueberry farm turned city park. The park has several thousand fruit bearing plants that are available to the public for picking.

4) Spend a weekend camping at the Yakima River. Pack some ice cold beverages and tasty sandwiches in the cooler and spend the day floating down the river.

5) Enjoy a movie in the park.

6) Have a water balloon fight.

7) Spend the day at the beach.

8) Visit the Ellensburg Rodeo.

9) Take a walk along the Interurban Trail.

10) Enjoy a night of music under the stars at Curran Apple Orchard Concerts in the Park.

11) Splash in puddles made from a summer rain.

12) Make this pie and eat it for lunch.

13) Make an indoor sandbox. Play in it all day.

14) Build a kiddie car wash.

15) Spend the night under the stars in this outdoor fort.

What do you have planned this summer?

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